Camino Frances

4 comments on “Camino Frances

  1. Looks wonderful ! I understand that you are now a confirmed Point & Shooter ?????

    Russ Donaldson

    • Thanks Russ. I am still on the learning curve with my P&S and really missed my big camera. Walked 810km and there was no way that the beast was going to walk with me. Best to you.

  2. great photos !! I start my Camino April 18 … can’t wait ! (even though I am old, fat and unfit).. I’m sure it will go swimmingly !! 🙂

    • Indeed you will! And I will be watching your posts. When I did this last fall, I was 70, overweight…a little, and have reduced range of motion and rods and screws in my left foot. Had no idea whether the Camino would be my “Wall”. Ample supplies of beer and chips in addition to perseverance and great walking companions made all the difference. 810k later I made it! Buen Camino!

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